Yeon Ji Yoo and Eric Park

Matter and Memory – Drawings and Objects
June 7th – 7PM

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“I am informed by the beautiful as well as the terrifying, the respiration and metabolism of the natural environment, the quiet microcosms of ferns, moss, mold and dead things that fertilize the soil. I want to question the validity of the storyteller of history and the origins of the parts of it. I want to deconstruct and then build my own myths of genetic families and generational sins.”

Yeon Ji Yoo

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“What pushes us to learn and create may be the inherent conflict in attempting to resolve two opposing concepts …as we vacillate between two ends of the spectrum we begin to resonate in that motion. What is to be gained from finding a four-inch concrete cube on a street corner? Why is it heavier than anything I carry on my person? Why is it this shape and why doesn’t it tell me anything about its use or orientation? Would it seem different to me in my pocket than it does cupped in my two hands? It can be taken, left, seen, ignored, dirtied, or made pristine. It is fitting in its environment while still an oddity … “

Eric Park