Women – Experimental Films 2014

March 8th @7:00PM – Barbès
Our SummerOur Summer Made Her Light Escape
4′ 30″, 2012
Directed by – Sacha Waters Freyer
A wordless 16mm portrait of interiority, maternal ambivalence and the passage of time.  The film explores the beauty and quotidian cruelties of the natural world right outside one’s door.  A crippled bee, a mole in its death throes, a smashed robin’s egg.
U.S. Premiere: Museum of the Moving Image, NYC, 2012
Int’l Premiere: WNDX Winnipeg Festival of Moving Image.
DIYLoveSeatDIY Love Seat
2′ 05″, 2012
Directed by Hildebrand+Magsamen
DIY Love Seat, is a playful an experimental short video that reinterprets our family and its identity. In this dark comedy a woman takes the family couch and cuts out a section with a chainsaw. The husband, in a very deadpan manner, takes duct tape and repairs the couch. This physical act brings them literally closer together but perhaps not emotionally. http://hillerbrandmagsamen.com
BoxingConversation With Boxing Gloves
5′, 2009
Directed by Rosane Chameki and Andrea Lerner
Choreography and performance: Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner
Producer: Tanja Meding
Director of photography: Theo Standley
Additional camera: Matt Porwoll
Camera equipment provided by New Mountain
Editor: Patrick Pierson
Commissioned by Performa and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for Performa 09
7′, 2007
Directed by Bahar Behbahani
Returning to Iran in 2006, I observed myself and many other people like me in a state of suspension, living in a world that seems upside down. From a Middle Eastern viewpoint, Suspended might describe the loss of individual power in a politically and morally restrictive environment. At the same time, the scenario could be making a statement about the psychological confinement of a media saturated Western culture. http://baharbehbahani.com
6′ 48″, 2012
Directed by Beth Portnoy
Performer & Choreographer: Amy Larimer
Music: Greg ‘Cosmo D’ Heffernan
A gyre is a circular or spiral form found in nature: rotating ocean currents; wind curl; concentric circles formed by leaves or flower petals.  “gyre-ation” is a visual exploration of resistance to and acceptance of the forces outside of ourselves.  A woman whirls through a vortex of tension between natural and psychological patterns. http://www.bethmoves.com/Bethmoves/Film.html
1′ 11″, 2005
Directed by Kristine Marx
Two images of the same figure appear to be conversing. In each scene, these images repeat and alternate. The alternating clips create several versions of a similar dramatic scene. The figure is doubled; her psyche split. The viewer peers into the interior world of the protagonist. Talking to herself, the character slips into an abstract, potentially paranoid mental space. http://www.kristinemarx.net
The Blue of DistanceThe Blue of Distance
11′, 2013
Directed by Shannon Brunette
The Blue of Distance is a meditation on memory, the past and on the false-truths that surface when nostalgia sets into our bones.
AgonyAgony; Never Ending
4′, 2009
Directed by Negar Behbahani
A tradition depicted by the endless rotation of the wheels in which human beings, and here mostly women, follow a predetermined pathway. The loudspeakers as the spokespersons and the guardians of the status quo, loudly and in a commanding tone, express unintelligible sentences. http://negarbehbahani.com
Window#1Window #1
4′, 2011
Directed by Shannon Plumb
A woman with a fan.
Shannon Plumb’s cinematic studies of life’s various roles and characters explore the complexities embedded in the ordinary and extraordinary. From the humble persona of a new mother to iconic figures from the silver screen, Plumb portrays these characters with zest and humor. Inspired by the curious spirit of slapstick comedy and the physical humor of silent film legends such as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, Plumb employs a low-fi aesthetic by using Super-8 film, stationary camera shots, long takes and hand-made props and costumes. http://www.shannonplumb.com
Message cast Away1Message to Cast Away
3′, 2011
Directed by Gabriela Gusmão
A bottle of glass by a lake is taken by the water.
There is no action apart from a slight movement of the waves.
The message inside the bottle is a quote by Gaston Bachelard: “stillness is a happy vibration”.
This video was created for an exhibition called “A Comma in the Infinite” at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.
EarthafterearthEarth After Earth
2’ 25, 2012
Directed by Toni Simon
Excerpts from Earth After Earth—an apocalyptic, futuristic prose poem text, animated drawings and video by Toni Simon narrated by Nick Piombino and Toni Simon.
Earth After Earth published by Lunar Chandelier Press
Toni Simon’s Earth After Earth, like classic apocalyptic writing, not only offers oblique prophecies of what’s to come, but captures the present, through the perspective of its alchemical, twilight language and dreamlike art. This verbal/visual text portrays a midnight world full of psychic threat yet how beautiful its demons and angels, its “forest people”, “clairvoyant asteroids” and other denizens appear as they glow fiercely within its Dantesque, black lit landscapes. The end may be nigh, but it’s sublime.
-Jerome Sala http://tonisimonart.blogspot.com
IsThisWhereMyFamilyLivedIs This Where My Family Lived?
6′, 2008
Directed by Terry Berkowitz
At the time of the expulsion of the Jews in Spain in 1492, some of the exiled took the keys to their houses with them. This video is based on a hunt for dwellings that may fit those keys. “Is This Where My Family Lived?” makes reference to a time and place that still has resonance in the lives of those whose ancestors were forced from their homes never to return. http://www.terryberkowitz.com
dream#5Dream #5
2′ 07″, 2014
Directed by Camila Sobral
This video piece is part of a series of representations of my dreams. My dreams have been used as direct inspiration for most of my recent work. The video was included in a bigger installation where the masks seen in the video, were installed in the room.
Gloves1000 Chores
7′, 2014
Directed by Lelé Luiza and Roberta Bonisson
The film reflects on the absurdity of domestic’s chores. Our character takes it to a different level and make it more extreme having fun with each step of the process.