Snehibhavan Benefit

indiaFinalFriday, October 24th from 7:00 to 10:00
7:00 – cocktail
7:45 – Presentation 
8:00 – Performance by violinist Sita Chay
9:00 – Raffle
Many thanks to all the generous donors for making the raffle possible.
Raffle prizes include:
Al di La Trattatoria, dinner for two,
Erica Keating, Opal Massage, massage
Nidhi Menon, private Indian cooking class
Aarona Pichinson, private yoga session
Stacey Reed, private life coaching session
Maria D’Angelo, Massage
Baluchis Restaurant will provide samosas
Snehibhavan is a rurally located home for tribal and Dalit girls in the Kottayam district of Kerala India. Most of the girls currently in residence have been abandoned or found in situations where they were vulnerable to abuse.
The Jackfruit Project for Snehibhavan is an initiative to protect, look after, educate and empower these girls to face their challenging futures. The director of the home, Sajini, and her husband, Mathews, are dalit activists promoting education and cultural awareness as they work for the rights of the dalit and tribal women and children in their region. Until 2007, when AID Lewisburg became involved through the founding of The Jackfruit Project, Snehibhavan was supported only by Mathews’ wages as a daily laborer. Today, although challenges remain, the home has a much higher level of success and stability due to the support of AID. Thirteen girls currently live and study at Snehibhavan.