Mirjana Ciric

Lines, Edges, Traces
Opening – May 19th, 2018 at 6:00PM
by appointment until May 28th

Mirjana Ciric’s ceramic pieces at the Shed are made out of paper clay. Some are closed forms: self-sufficient, referencing both vernacular architecture and the body (torso). Others are free-standing walls/structures that obliterate the boundary between inside and outside. All are process-driven records of fragmented decisions. Like pieces of a puzzle, they allow the viewer to complete the narrative suggested by their structure and by the material itself and to straddle opposites (round versus square, tactile versus structural, geometric versus organic) by reflecting on the process that created them — of cutting, wrapping and layering.
Her wall pieces explore the same territory; blue and white drawings engage with ceramic pieces, suggesting both an archeology, of sea and stone, and the notion of a blueprint. While they echo the ceramic forms — they are also a two-dimensional record of the form’s displacement, registering the form’s trace, fastening moments onto line, color and shape.
Mirjana Ciric, a Bosnian-born artist, lives in New York City. She works in her studio in Brooklyn and in the Ceramics Studio at the Greenwich House.