Maciek Schejbal’s Afro-Polka

Afro-Polka Allstars – November 3rd at 8:00PM
accompanied by Bahar Behbahani’s video.

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Cover Charge $15

Maciek Schejbal (pronounced MAH-chek SHAY-bal) is world-class drummer based in New York City. In addition to gigging and touring with jazz bands and afro-pop groups, Maciek is an instructor at the Drummers Collective in Manhattan. The Drummers Collective is generally thought of as the drumming equivalent of Los Angeles’ Guitar Institute of Technology.

Afro-Polka is Maciek’s brand and a nascent genre of music. It’s the soundtrack of one musician’s voyage from Eastern Europe through South Africa to the USA. He has traveled, listened, learned and amalgamated a huge amount of styles, traditions and art forms into a strong, singular and original musical voice. From Cracow, to Johannesburg and Cape Town, and then onto New York City, Maciek has formed crack rhythm sections with some of the best bass players in the world.

Afro-Polka is Maciek’s first album consisting entirely of his compositions. The tunes are performed here with many great musicians he has collaborated with in his journeys. Don’t be scared by the polka, these fresh sounding tracks are very afro-pop and jazz focused. The polka is the added seasoning that makes it unique.

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(…)On Afro-Polka, Maciek lays down an amazing array of grooves and melodies and musical worlds reminiscent of Hermeto Pascoal, Joe Zawinul, and even of Frank Zappa. He has a strong command of a wide range of colors and ideas and he makes them his own, not being held back by convention or by the business of making music. He takes the listener on a very personal journey that could only be an expression of his own travels and discoveries. After listening to this recording one has a pretty good idea of how, where and when Maciek has lived, loved, traveled and played throughout his life, with dedication, reverence, love and an open mind.
– Sean Conly, 2018