Louise O'Donell

October 1st 2016 from 6:00 – 10:00PM

Windows: The Great Indoors

Louise O’Donnell’s current work is a multi-media exploration of our reality as humans; what it is and how it relates to the Windows within it. “Windows” refer to the openings in everyday finite life into the infinite such as the Internet, outer space or feelings of the sublime. This body of work explores the relation of the self to these other dimensions and the creation of the self from them. She has created various representations of Windows and herself using glass, light, paint and objects from her life, showcasing their relation to one another. O’Donnell received her BFA from California institute of the arts where she studied oil painting, sculpture and conceptual art. She is currently working on land art in Northern California where she lives. Louise is a park slope native and very excited to be showing this work in the neighborhood in which it originated. To see more of her work visit thelouiseodonnell.com