Leo Elliot. Joe Elliot, Colette Gerstmann and Karl Klingbiel

Poetry Reading
Saturday, November 18th – 2017

Leo Elliot is an absentee college student from Brooklyn, NY. During his time off he is biking, reading, and sleeping as much as possible. His unskilled labor is for hire.
Colette Gerstmann is from Brooklyn, NY. She is a senior at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. She likes bagels and avoiding rain.
Joe Elliot is the author of Opposable Thumb (subpress, 2006), Homework
(Lunar Chandelier, 2010), and Idea for a B Movie (Free Scholars Press, 2016). He teaches English and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their three sons: Leo, George, and Walter.
Karl Klingbiel is an abstract artist who has shown his work widely, and a writer of textured and nuanced verse.