Lelé Luiza

Hours of Silence
May 16th @ 7:00 PM
by appointment until May 27th
Lelé Luiza is a Brazilian artist living in Brooklyn. In Brazil her etchings and photographs have been exhibited in galleries in Belo Horizonte. While not creating her art work, Lelé hosts a playgroup and teaches art-in-nature workshops in Prospect Park. She has researched extensively the relationship between children’s games and handmade toys.
Hours of Silence is her first exhibit in the US. The drawings emerged out of a meditative process where the artist counted the hours while giving shape to each piece. The objects/drawings are inspired by nature and employ Japanese paper, wire and yarns for their construction. Lelé’s work plays with traditional notions of drawing and reveals a three dimensional form that resembles delicate, malleable sculpture. Hours of Silence is informed by her lifelong work with children and her observations of the natural world. When asked to speak of her process, she says, “a kid knows no intention. She or he plays because is what they do. My art work is my own version of playing; It is improvisational, not intentional, in the same way I approach my work with children.”