Klaus Schafler

June 21st – 2014 @ 7:00 PM

Halftime in Cooling Jackets
Installation & brief lecture performance

image_the shed_klaus schafler

Living in the Anthropocene, the current geologic epoch where human activities have a global impact transforming ecosystems, atmosphere and living conditions on the planet.
Halftime in Cooling Jackets – an installation involving a brief lecture performance – is narrating facts and fictions of the state of matter of our too hot planet, projected to an imagined reality and a future that is already taking shape. A collage of video sequences, prints and objects referring to ambivalent lab trials and field experiments staged in a pseudo-laboratory situation.
Klaus Schafler is a Vienna-based artist working with installations including videos, archives, fictions, and staged lectures trying to elaborate the complicated relationship between micro aspects and “world” as relational concepts, with a focus perspective on the year 2050. He was awarded a grant for innovative projects by a federal Austrian art-science initiative, was a fellow with LMCC, New York, and a visiting critic at ART OMI. His publication Hacking the Planet and Future was released in 2013.
Recent shows include venues such as Maldives Pavilion – 55. Venice Biennale, 2013 / nGbK, Berlin / JAUS, Los Angeles / Secession, Vienna (book launch) / Regionale12, Murau / Space for Art and Industry, New York / Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana / <rotor>, Graz / Chinese Biennale, Beijing.  www.schafler.net