Kimberly Lyons – Nada Gordon – Nicole Peyrafitte

October 10th @ 8:00 – 2013
Picture0031Kimberly Lyons has lived in New York City since 1981.Sheis the author of several books of poetry, most recently Rouge (Instance Press, 2012) and the Practice of Residue (Subpress, 2012) of which Elizabeth Robinson wrote: “ Lyons’ absolutely magical reckoning with the world is as generative and hallucinatory as it is generous and honest.  Thus The Practice of Residue pours out from its mythic eggshell the lost traces of amniotic fluid that every reader needs….”. She has written essays recently on the poetry of Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, Joe Ceravalo and Mina Loy.  She is the publisher of Lunar Chandelier Press and a social worker at the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter.

9380217011_2e4d63ef0b_bNada Gordon consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. Since reachingadulthood, her body has consisted of close to 100 trillion cells, the basic unit of life. These cells are organised biologically to form her whole body. She is the author of Folly, V. Imp, Are Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker than Night-Swollen Mushrooms?, foriegnn bodie, Swoon, Scented Rushes, and Vile Lilt. She blogs at, the initiatory sentence of which reads: “The impulse to decorate is, as always, very strong.”

NP_MRandall SmallNicole Peyrafitte, is a Gasco-Rican pluridisciplinary artist born and raised in the Gascon-French Pyrenees. Her eclectic background & her experiences in shaping identity across two continents & four languages informs her multifaceted works. Her latest book/CD is: Bi-Valve : Vulvic Spave/Vulvic Knowledge, 17paintings, 17 multilingual texts, 1 recipe & 1 CD (Stockport Flats, 2013); NY’OC Trobadors (upcoming at Poets House Nov 23rd 2013). She has collaborated with Pierre Joris in a number of projects among them: Translating Paul Celan into the 21th Century; (2012),  DOMOPOETICS (2012), Diwan Iffrikya: The Making of The Antholgy of North African Literature (2013).In 2012 with Miles Joris-Peyrafitte she co-directed “Basil King: MIRAGE”For more information about Nicole: