Joe Elliot and Douglas Rothschild

December 6th 13013 @ 8PM

"c'est la vie" by Joe Elliot   Photo by John Dolan

“c’est la vie” by Joe Elliot
Photo by John Dolan

Joe Elliot
Joe Elliot graduated from Yale University in 1982. For many years he worked as a tutor and a printer. He now teaches high school English in Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife, Anne Noonan, and three their three boys.
Joe is the author of numerous chapbooks including: You Gotta Go In It’s The Big Game, Poems To Be Centered On Much Much Larger Sheets Of Paper, 15 Clanking Radiators, 14 Knots, Reduced, Half Gross (a collaboration with artist John Koos), and Object Lesson (acollaboration with artist Rich O’Russa). Granary Books published If It Rained Here (a collaboration with artist Julie Harrison). His work has appeared in many magazines, including The World, The Poker, Giants Play Well In The Drizzle, The Poetry ProjecNewsletter, Torque, Chain, Epiphany, Lungfull, Ocho, and Arras. His long poem, 101 Designs for The World Trade Center, was published by Faux Press. In 2006, a collection of his work, Opposable Thumb, was published by subpress, and last year Lunar Chandelier brought out Homework.
Douglas Rothschild
Douglas Rothschild’s life has been one long miasma of failure, disappointment, coffee & overarching desire. Though he has not yet accomplished anything of note, Mr. Rothschild intends to continue on for some time yet. Some of this life, such as it is, has been chronicled in Bill Luoma’s WORKS & DAYS & Jennifer Moxley’s THE MIDDLE ROOM. About his book, Theogony, Anselm Berrigan wrote, “It’s heartening–a complete relief, in fact–to finally have a lengthy tome from Douglas Rothschild, a poet whose independence and observational precision are, for me, unparalleled within the art. Rothschild is a poet of emphasis, analysis, opinion, argument, outrage, anguish, personality, friendship and deep feeling. His walking, talking line, freer within its various formal constraints (Dug is a master of the long poem made of short poems) than any surface-of-the-moment, sounds like no one else. This is a book of tremendous clarity, and I’m grateful for its existence”