Immy Humes

Immy Humes has been making documentaries for over 20 years. Her films and videos range over a variety of subjects and formats, but have a distinctive, recognizable voice. They treat social and political themes relating to justice, class, gender, and race, but often take an indirect approach or use a semi-comical tone.
The honors Immy has received include an Academy Award nomination, screenings at FilmForum and MOMA in NYC; festivals in Amsterdam (IDFA), Leningrad, Mannheim, Los Angeles (AFI), Florida, and Arkansas (Hot Springs); and INPUT, the annual public TV conference.
Her films have aired on POV (PBS), and many other TV channels in the U.S. and abroad. She has won grants from the NEA, NYSCA, Jerome, Robeson, Soros Fund (now the Sundance fund), ITVS, NEH, CPB and other funders.