Folie à Deux

December 6th, 2014 @ 8:00p.m.
Named for the psychological condition of mutual delusion, pioneering viola duo Folie à Deux explores the full spectrum of dialogue between two equal voices that conflict, mirror, converge, and fracture from one moment to the next. Founded in 2012 by Nick Revel and Nora Krohn, the duo was twice featured on the Wilton Library’s “Connecticut’s Own” series, Turtle Bay Music School’s Artist Series, Mid-day Music at St. Paul’s, and in numerous other venues throughout the Northeast, including New York City’s Cornelia St. Café.
With repertoire spanning the late Renaissance to the ultra-contemporary, the pair brings its spirited sensibility to a variety of musical forms and genres. Their vision is to further the imaginative scope of the ensemble by commissioning living composers, several of whom have already written new works for the duo, and by composing original works.