Danilo Machado, Pamela Brown and Jeffrey Gustavson

April 15th @ 8:00PM
A Poetry Reading

image Danilo Machado is a queer undocumented poet based in Stamford, CT. His poetry has been published in the Long River Review, Paper China, and The Connecticut Review. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and the recipient of the Collins Prize and the Aetna Creative Nonfiction Award. His most recent work revolves around queer, commuting bodies. Danilo has also published reviews with ArtCritical, serves as chair of the board for a statewide immigrant rights organization, and compulsively buys used records.
Pam Lyon IMG_4074 Pamela Brown lives in Fort Greene and teaches Shakespeare, poetry, and drama at the University of Connecticut in Stamford. She had the good luck to meet Danilo Machado there, and to work with him on his book of commuting poems last year.  She has written poems since 1971, when she scribbled them on cocktail napkins while waitressing. Her poems have appeared in Epiphany, Public, The Sonnets Remixed, and Visual Verse, and her chapbooks include The Coffee Poem, Cara, East Main, and Remember This? She also writes plays: The Fit in the Choir (LaMama) and The Ice House (Boston Directors’ Lab).
IMG_3491 Jeffrey Gustavson is the author of Nervous Forces (Alef Books). The recipient of an N.E.A. grant, an alumnus of the Montana Artists Refuge, and the former editor of Epiphany magazine, he has published in Grand Street, Poetry, Fence, Bomb, The New Yorker, and other places.