A Night of (mostly) Dark Comedy Shorts

Matt's face in the Burn ToastCurated By Bill Schaumberg
Burnt Toast (Note: first screening ever.  World Premiere.  It went on to screen at LA Shorts, NY Shorts, and LA Comedy Shorts among others)
Dir. Bill Schaumberg
Produced by: Joshua Sidis
Starring: Matthew DiLoreto, David DiLoreto
Signs Following
Dir. Katrina Albright & Jonathan Durham
The Softest Touch
Dir. Bill Schaumberg
Written By: Matthew DiLoreto, Joshua Sidis, Bill Schaumberg, David DiLoreto, Colin P. Delaney
Viper Ninja – “Final Domination” – Music Video
Dir. Jim Turner
Mom Song
Dir. Jim Turner
Starring Adira Amram
The Divorcees
Dir. Michael Lee Nirenberg