“Wacky Meal”


Lele Luiza and Clarissa Campolina

5’17”, DV, 2003

A child plays and improvises as a chef.

8:00 PM

“Salt Kiss - (Beijo de Sal)”


Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa

18’, Super 16, 2007

On a secluded island off of Rio, the carefree Rogério struggles to bring his recently engaged best friend back to the good life.

“The True  Story of Tião Coió - (A Verdadeira Estória de Tião Coió)”


André Amparo

6’, DVCAM, 2003

During the 80’s over 400 hand-made parabolic antennas – the Coiobolics - were sold by Coio’ in the Northeast of Minas Gerais, Brazil. State-of-the-art technology, from his native town Malacacheta to the rest of the world.

“The Miracle Of Mrs. Rita  -  (O Milagre de Dona Rita)”


Cecília Torquato and André Amparo

5’, DV Stereo, 2003

During the shooting of a documentary film, the photographer has a little accident and her leg gets stuck. That makes the whole town of Malacacheta, in the countryside of Brazil, stop to see it. Everybody has an idea to solve the problem but nothing seems to help, not until Dona Rita shows up.

“Landscape Theory  -  (A Teoria da Paisagem)”


Roberto Bellini

4’16”, DV, 2005

A dialogue and a landscape. A brief discourse on the possibility of contemplation, the politics of gazing, and authority.



Alessandra Maria Soares and Cláudio Santos

2’50”, 2003

Made from animated graphics and still images suggesting movement. The film captures the frenetic rhythm of our lives.



Marcelo Braga

3’17”, 2002/2003

The film explores the frantic rhythm of a mouth in a dentist’s office.

“The Painter Throws de Film in the Trash Can”


Cao Guimarães

5’, HDV, 2008

Film-gag, film-joke, the “thingafication”  of cinema. Ironic note on the possible path that cinema can take.

“Rivadavia 2010”


Aline X e Gustavo Jardim

15’, DV, 2007

A dream like travelogue recorded with images and sounds captured by a cel phone in Buenos Aires and the deserts of Argentina and Chile.



Andrezza Valetin and Guilherme Marcondes

4’, 2006

Inspired  by William Blake’s poem “Tyger”. The film is placed in the chaotic city of São Paulo and the story is about relating city to jungle and people to animal. 

“Benjamin Level #3”


Francisca Caporali and Marta Jourdan

6’20”, DV, 2007

Two artists living in different cities; Rio e Janeiro and Brooklyn working around the idea of Walter Benjamin: Passage.



Ricardo Mehedff

13”, HDCAM, 2008

A couple wake up at the same time. They live in parallel worlds, side by side, but with each other too? A Film about morning rituals, grind and relationships.

“Circular Capital ”


Ricardo Mehedff

10’, 35mm, 2004

In a tale about survival in the streets of Rio, the protagonist is an imported ‘hot’ car. Its ephemeral owners come from every social class and will do almost anything to possess it, even if just for a couple of minutes.

10:00 PM


Percussion player, singer and all around multiinstrumentalist Gilmar Gomes grew up in Bahia but is now based in New York. He has toured extensively with Angelique Kidjo , Harry Belafonte, Meshell N'degeocello, Yerba Buena, Bebel Gilberto , Forro In The Dark, Carlinhos Brown and Gilberto Gil. Tonight, he leads his own band, backed by some of his friends.

Friday, November 20th